Ontology development experience

Some of you may or may not know that I am currently doing my final year project on ontology. So i must say that Ontology development is kind of easy. It is more to logic thinking on the relationship between classes. Besides, the software which is Protege 4.3 is very straight forward. Only need to read the manual and the software is quite self-explanatory.

My fyp progress: almost there, the ontology is completed, i am currently searching for dietician to verify my ontology and the next step is semantic web representation! also excited for that! For my semantic web, i will be doing it in JAVA with the help of JENA Framework.

Wish me luck guys!



Update: Ontology

Hi there! It’s been a long time since the last time I update this blog. School is hitting me right in the face! I am currently a final year student, so I’ve been busy with projects. Semester 4 was the start of the busy-student-life as we start to learn about three layer architecture and building a system in JAVA. Yes everyone, that JAVA where you have classes, hierarchies, parents, children, view, model, and ughhh the freaking controller. Continue reading

From PHP to Javascript

From all we know, to display Javascript using PHP is very easy.

$jsInPHP = "<script>";
$jsInPHP += "alert('Hello this is in Javascript');";
$jsInPHP += "</script>";

Most of the Plugins for UI we know uses Javascript and JQuery. For example, Google’s Chart Tools. To generate the chart, we must use data. but where do we get the data? It is of course the database. To call data from database, of course we will need to use PHP. However, Javascript does not support PHP. Means that we cannot assign PHP to Javascript just like that. This is because Javascript is the client-side while PHP is the server-side. The language is different. To shorten, Javascript cannot understand PHP. Continue reading