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EPNOX Technologies (August 2016-September 2016)

Framework Documenter

  • Wrote JavaDoc comments and generate a framework API using Android Studio.
  • Translated framework utilities from Flash AS3 to Java.
  • Work part-time for my semester break.

Datarunding Sdn Bhd (February 2016-August 2016)

Hybrid Mobile Application Developer(Phonegap)

  • App name: Masjid Kita
  • App Link:
  • Integrated Phonegap into mobile application development.
  • Settled issues related to Phonegap
  • Work part-time while studying.

Geesoft Co. Ltd. (December 2015-February 2015)

Hybrid Mobile Application Developer (Phonegap)

Datarunding Sdn Bhd (November 2015-December 2015)

Phonegap Trainer

  • Gave briefing about mobile application development like monetisation and UI/UX.
  • Helped the interns strengthen their HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Persatuan Qiraat Malaysia (October 2014-November 2014)

Full-Stack Web Developer

  • Develop a membership management system using PHP, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, HTML5, CSS and Javascript.
  • Working part time during semester break.

Persatuan Qiraat Malaysia (January 2014-March 2015)

Font Developer

  • Developed Al-Quran font using FontCreator and Microsoft Volt
  • Working part time during semester break.


Bachelor(Hons) in Information System Engineering

University Teknologi MARA (2016-2018)

Diploma in Computer Science and Mathematics

University Teknologi MARA (2013-2016)

CGPA : 3.91