Back end for phonegap

Currently from what I got after doing some research on the internet, there are a lot of languages that you can use for Phonegap app back-end, which are:

  1. PHP
  2. Java
  3. Firebase

For PHP and Java, you can use Jquery AJAX to retrieve the data from the server-side code file. For server-side code file, you are supposed to upload them on your hosting storage.

Here is one tutorial for PHP: Link 

For Firebase, you don’t need any language other than Javascript. Firebase stores data in JSON, therefore, it’s easier. No hassle. There are a lot of Firebase real-time database tutorial you can find on the Internet. Here I give you a hint what to search “Firebase Database Tutorial”. Search that and thousands of results will show up.

Here is one tutorial for Firebase that I found : Link

If you ask me which data storage strategy to use, I would recommend Firebase as there are not much of a hassle. Firebase  provide 1GB of storage for Realtime Database . As for PHP and Java, not many hosting company gives free hosting service. Therefore it costs some money especially when you are new to developing or a student.


2 thoughts on “Back end for phonegap

  1. outsourcedguru says:

    Since you mention Firebase as a database option on the backend, you might as well host a JavaScript (Node.js) app as the backend.

    The firebase code is on npm to support a variety of things:

    Here is a quickstart on github for Node support of Firebase databases:

    Otherwise, I’ve used Heroku to host a PhoneGap backend of a Node-based app. In that case, I used MongoDB as the database and they host that for you, too.

    Honestly, I’d shy away from Java since it’s popular-yet-not-backed-by-a-bigger-corporation. It’s days are number, I’d suggest.


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